The Cotswold Arms
The Cotswold Arms.

12 May 2016 – The following are some photos taken during a day-trip to the picturesque medieval town of Burford, the gateway to The Cotswolds in England (you can view the photos as a slideshow by clicking on any image).

We took a walk along The Hill, and spotted a curious black cat on a window sill.

Curious black cat at Burford
A curious black cat on a window sill.
House on The Hill
Outside a house on The Hill. The Hill joins on to become High Street, the town’s main thoroughfare.
W J Castle & Co
W J Castle & Co, a butcher shop located on High Street.
Beautiful Burford
Wisteria were in bloom in May.

After leaving town, we stopped at a rapeseed field, one of numerous fields spotted on our drive to Oxford.

Yellow fields, England

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