Buachaille Etive Mòr
A waterfall in the Highlands with Buachaille Etive Mòr in the background.

4 May 2016 – The flow of a gently cascading waterfall in the foreground…check. Imposing pyramid shaped mountain in the background…check. Ominous dark rain clouds up above…check. A cup of hot chocolate and a toasted croissant…nope.

Said beverage and food item aside, it seemed that my wife and I had all the right elements for a classic Highlands shoot present before us. The one thing we didn’t have however (or at least didn’t have enough of) was time. Between waiting for the rain and wind to ease and having to be back in Edinburgh by the afternoon, we could only wish for more hours in the day to soak in the stunning scenery around us.

Buachille Etive Mòr (“the great herdsman of the Etive” in Scottish Gaelic) is perhaps the most recognisable mountain in all the Highlands. It lies to the north of the River Etive (Glen Etive) and is a popular challenge for walkers and climbers. The sight of its pyramid shape was one of the highlights of our drive along the A82 highway to Glen Coe.

The location for this particular shoot was surprisingly easy to find; in fact, the spot from which the photo above was taken is only a short walking distance away from the main road. Getting there was easy too, considering all I had was the following jotted down entry in my little black travel journal, listed under “Waterfall at Buachille Etive Mòr”:

Head west along the A82
Pass the River Etive
Take the next left along W Highland Way

The photos on this post were captured by hand, as the weather conditions made it difficult to use a tripod. It was very much like the time we were at the Old Man of Storr, save for the hail we experience there!

Despite the challenging conditions, this is one part of the world I can’t wait to come back to. There’s just something about the Highlands that just feels like home, though it’s unlike any place I’ve ever lived in. I certainly hope to be able to return here one day, and hopefully be able to factor in a lot more time for a shoot.

And next time, I’ll be sure to have with me some hot chocolate and croissants.

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Buachaille Etive Mòr
Scouting the location.
Buachaille Etive Mòr
Looking towards Buachaille Etive Mòr.

2 thoughts on “Photographing Buachaille Etive Mòr – Scottish Highlands”

  1. hi loved your photos of the kelpies and this led me to look at some of your other Scottish shots which i found were amazing and made me proud to be a Scot .hope you both enjoyed your time here and return someday (maybe when the weather is warmer

    1. Thanks very much for stopping by and for your kind words, Hugh, I’m glad that you like the photos. We enjoyed our time in Scotland immensely and would love to visit again – yes, perhaps when the weather is warmer!

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