Dragon Bridge, Danang
Traffic across the Dragon Bridge, Da Nang.

5 December 2017 – The idea of a fire breathing, dragon-shaped bridge might seem like something out of a science fiction and fantasy novel, but somehow it all seems to makes sense in Da Nang. The port city, located on the east coast of central Vietnam, has seen significant economic development as well as growth in the number of international visitors in recent years, and the latest addition to its impressive collection of bridges is perhaps symbolic of the hope that the people here have for their city’s future.

The bridge is best viewed from the ‘head’ end, which is on the eastern side of Han river.

Dragon Bridge, Danang

During the evenings, the dragon cycles through a series of colours. For those wondering, the head does in fact breathe fire (and spout water), though only at 9pm on weekends.

Dragon Bridge at night

Dragon Bridge at night
The many colours of the Dragon Bridge at night – though the red, blue and green versions are impressive, the golden dragon reigns supreme.
Tran Thi Ly Bridge
The Tran Thi Ly Bridge, another one of Da Nang’s impressive bridges.
Danang at night
Neon signs light up the streets in Da Nang at night.
Danang cityscape
Bird’s eye view of Da Nang’s cityscape.

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