Dubai from the sky

20 April 2016 – It’s always a thrill for me when a city’s skyline comes into view during a flight. It’s even more of a thrill when it is one as impressive as Dubai’s, with its myriad of skyscrapers.

The photo above was taken shortly after takeoff during an early morning flight from Dubai to London. Though I don’t always have a camera with me while seated, I’m thankful to have had my Fuji X-E1 handy with me on this occasion. I’m also thankful to Emirates Airlines for providing me with a smear free window! If you click on the image to view it large, you’ll see that there is quite a lot of detail in the shot.

The photo below was taken on the return flight. The exact whereabouts of this curious facility are unknown – I could possibly narrow it down to somewhere in the middle of the desert in the UAE.

Somewhere over the UAE

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