Black Kettle cafe.
Wrought-iron artwork set against the bright yellow exterior of Black Kettle, a cafe on Chulia Street Ghaut.

March 2017 – With a title inspired by the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie (which in turn was inspired by various soundtrack albums from the 80s), may I present to you the latest photos in my George Town street art collection…

You can find Volume 1 of my ‘George Town, Penang Street Art Collection’ here.

Property by Lefty (Lebuh Victoria)

Walk on by

‘Property’ is one of several wrought-iron works located around the city as part of the  ‘Marking George Town’ project. The project’s aim is to present information about a particular part of the city through fun and interesting street art.

Several captures were taken of this image, though this particular candid is my favourite…while some will stop when they see you with a camera, others will simply walk on by. Personally, I don’t mind either!

Soya milk stall (Chulia Street Ghaut)

Soya milk stall artwork on Chulia Street Ghaut

Children on a Swing by Louis Gan (Step by Step Lane)

Street art at Step by Step Lane.

Like the ‘Children on a Bicycle‘ piece by Ernest Zacherevic, this is another fun and interactive mural…well, interactive in the sense that you can be seated for the photo!

Chinese Lion near the 70’s Ice Ball stall (Armenian Street)

70's Ice Ball.

While exploring the sights around the heritage area of George Town, I passed by a number of people holding large ice balls of various colours/flavours.

A while later, I stumbled upon the source of the dessert…the 70’s Ice Ball stall, located on Lebuh Armenian (Armenian Street). Though I’m not familiar with this particular dessert, I hear it was quite popular in its day…nothing quite like a ball of ice to beat the afternoon heat.

Napkins Cafe street art (Carnarvon Street)

Napkins Cafe street art

Nagore Square street art

Nagore Square street art

Nagore Square is an entertainment, dining and retail area in George Town and is home to some of the more recent street art in Penang. The work above is located, quite appropriately, just outside a bar. The artwork ‘Angel’ by Martin Whatson (below) can be found on the wall of the adjacent building.

'Angel' by Martin Whatson

Not entirely sure about the message of the street art below, but if it’s about the meaninglessness of chasing numbers on social media, then I heartily give my thumbs up!

Nagore Square street art

Lebuh Cintra street art

Street art on Lorong Kampung Malabar

Those who have read the Spy vs. Spy comic strip in Mad magazine may find the characters above familiar. The work appears on the corner of Lebuh Cintra and Lorong Kampung Malabar.

Shop serving congee on Lebuh Cintra
Shop serving congee on Lebuh Cintra.

Mural of a trumpeter by Gabriel Pitcher (title unknown)

Large mural of a trumpeter by Gabriel Pitcher

This large mural covers almost the entire length of a covered walkway from street to courtyard at the Logan Heritage building on Beach Street. It depicts a man lying on his back while playing the trumpet. We couldn’t capture the entire work as we didn’t have a lens wide enough the time, though the photo above will give you a sense of scale.

Lebuh Tye Sin street art

While on the way back from the airport early one morning, I passed by a couple of artworks I hadn’t seen before and stopped for some quick captures. The photos below have been colour corrected (as much as possible) to remove the effect of the tungsten light from the street lamps.

Street art on Lebuh Tye Sin

Street art by Facte on Lebuh Tye Sin

The image below is a long exposure of a small temple house located right next to the street art, with a glimpse of the Komtar building in the background.

Small temple house on Lebuh Tye Sin


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