10 September 2015 – In case you were wondering, the title of the post is in fact the actual name of the light & water show at the Marina Bay Sands, and it’s hard to argue with it – the evening show, which runs for around 15 minutes twice daily is indeed wonderful and spectacular.

What’s not so wonderful, however, is the yearly occurrence of the haze in Singapore and the surrounding countries in the region, a result of the burning of agricultural land in Indonesia. Though cost effective, the consequences of this act of clearing land for palm oil plantation by companies and individuals has been disastrous for both the health of the people and the environment.

The haze had been quite thick on the morning of our visit to Marina Bay Sands, and it was a relief to see that it had cleared a little by late afternoon (though you can still see a little of its effect in the photos on this post). I didn’t have a set plan on what to photograph that evening, but as the first light show had already started, I took a few quick shots from the boardwalk outside the mall, before making my way to the Louis Vuitton store, a structure of steel and glass located on a ‘floating’ pavilion by the harbour.

Louis Vuitton store.

Louis Vuitton store.

After the light show had ended, I made my way across the Helix Bridge. There are several viewing platforms along the bridge, all offering impressive views of the hotel and the stunning lotus shaped ArtScience Museum.

Marina Bay Sands.

On the other side of the bridge, I met an American photographer by the name of Eric, a retiree from the US Air Force now living in Hawaii who often travels to photograph in Asia. Teaming up, we decided to walk a little further along the promenade and made it to a great spot just in time for the second light show.


Despite the haze in the air, it still turned out to be a great night of shooting. If you happen to be in Singapore, make sure to catch the show, the largest of its kind in SE Asia – certainly a wonderful way to spend an evening!

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    1. Welcome Mike, and thanks for checking out the post! Yes, there are certainly a lot more attractions and things to do these days in Singapore.

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