Black Kettle cafe.

George Town, Penang Street Art Collection Vol. 2

March 2017 – With a title inspired by the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie (which in turn was inspired by various soundtrack albums from the 80s), may I present to you the latest photos in my George Town street art collection… You can find Volume 1 of my ‘George Town, Penang Street Art Collection’ here. Property by…

The view from the balcony

Plaza de España – Seville, Spain

13 May 2017 – The following are some photos of Plaza de España, a stunning architectural landmark built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition (world fair) held in Seville, Spain. The plaza, located in Maria Luisa Park, is one of the city’s most popular attractions. The collection of images here were taken on two seperate occasions –…

Balmoral Clock Tower, Edinburgh

The view from Calton Hill – Edinburgh, Scotland

28 April 2016 – As it turned out, the night was indeed dark and stormy, though not dark and stormy enough to keep the shutterbugs away! It was no surprise to see other photographers there when we arrived at the Calton Hill lookout just before sunset; after all, the popular public park does offer arguably the best…

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